Here are some articles that have been published in the Swedish press recently about Winningtemp.
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Di Digital

100 million to the Swedish companies in the Silicon Valley program Tinc

Here are shorter sales cycles and faster decisions. It's also an advantage that companies are from the Nordic countries, because they trust our technology skills, "says Pierre Lindmark


Three Swedish startup companies in Silicon Valley

During the spring, three Swedish startup companies will move to Silicon Valley to participate in the accelerator program TechINCubator, TINC.


10 digital tools you need to grow, February 24, 2017

Winningtemp - Keep track of the wellbeing of your employees

Di Digital

13 billion to the big cities tech company in 2016

The angels investors Alexander Hars and Lena Apler (NTL) have made three investments each. Alexander Hars has participated in two rounds in Winningtemp

Chalmers Ventures - One year after the launch – 7 October 2016

In February, Bäcklund made his first investment with Chalmers seed money in the HR start-up Winningtemp.

Alexander Hars is new chairman of Winningtemp – 6 April 2016

Since August 2015, the company has grown at a fast rate and is now aiming to expand on the Scandinavian market.

Winningtemp is Ulrika Nilsson Everingham’s favourite app – 5 April 2016

“It supports me and my colleagues. I get a better overview of what my colleagues are doing.”

Di Digital

Start-up company receives a total of SEK 3 million – 29 March 2016

The potential for Winningtemp is enormous. The fact that people feel good and develop at work has a big impact on a company’s success.

Winningtemp’s six tips to keep Generation Y happy at work – 27 August 2015

Generation Y (Generation Why) is the latest generation to enter the Swedish job market.


Tool for checking the current climate at work – 15 June 2015

Well-being at work is an important factor for increasing profitability. Winningtemp checks the climate at work in real time.

Kollega (Colleague) for members of the Swedish trade union Unionen

Is an algorithm a manager’s best friend? – 4 June 2015

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA shows that in certain work situations, people prefer to be supervised by a robot rather than by a human boss. The robot boss led the team more effectively and ‘understood’ its colleagues better.

GP Affärer i väst

Winningtemp launches turbo-charged HR – 3 June 2015

This week the Gothenburg-based company Winningtemp is launching a world first. It is a tool that measures how a company’s personnel is feeling – in real time. “Social media mean that we are getting used to receiving immediate feedback,” says Pierre Lindmark, CEO.

B2B news

Winningtemp – a new Swedish innovation will make people feel better at work – 2 June 2015

Days off work due to illness and resignations cost companies a great deal of money each year, not to mention the cost in terms of aches and pains for a person who is not feeling well.

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